Dental Gold as ( NPG non precious Gold )
  • Dental Gold as ( NPG non precious Gold )

    Non Precious Gold is a dental alloy, its use in the dental field for bridges and crowns. It's NOT gold, it just holds a gold color similar to 10k yellow gold, it has no resale value. It can gold plated in different gold finish of your choice. This particular grill has the potential to tarnish after a month or two and will require cleaning, and/or electro gold plating for the customers who has theirs gold plated for ONLY $60 (top/bottom only).

    More so if customer smoke during use of this product it tarnish quicker. We recommend dental gold for those looking for an inexpensive grill for photo/video shoots, costumes or events. Dental Gold will still have you lookin' flossy as if it was real 22k gold! (Dental Gold is un-eligible for stones or diamond placement)